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The Urban Dictionary describes the term 'Walmartians' as people who shop exclusively at Walmart and have the worst clothing, hair or both, people who have unusual body types and dental configurations that give the impression that they are natives of another planet.

Here are some Walmart workers who share their Walmartian customer horror stories, try not to laugh...

Employee #1 – “We have a pretty heavy guy come in every few days (despite being banned several times). He rarely purchases anything, just rides his Scootypuff Jr. around and makes sexual comments to the women in the store. When confronted, he will explain how he is a secret operative in the CIA or how he is actually part owner of Walmart. My favourite line of his was that he was the "Prince of Oklahoma."

Employee #2 – “Overnight stocker in a Florida Walmart here. A girl, quite pretty, comes in some leather bondage type lingerie on a dog leash being strolled around by older white meth heads as she barks for them all over the store. She was asked many times if she was OK or needed help and she just barked at us. They paraded her all around the store for about an hour, bought her a chew toy and left. It was 3AM on a Tuesday.”

Employee #3 – “I worked at a Walmart in Plano, TX. One 4th of July, I was working the registers and a woman came into the store wearing only a string bikini. This alone would not have been the strangest thing, but she was about 5’4 and 300 lbs. Not just that, but her complexion was stark white! The ‘bathing suit’ she was wearing made it look like a rubber band stretched to the breaking point around an oversized marshmallow.”

Employee #4 – “I had a guy that would come through our store dressed in a tight black mini-skirt, tube top, and high heels… he was probably 50 years old. He would push a baby stroller around with a fake baby in it… yeah, this guy was ultimately the creepiest f*** I’ve ever encountered.”

Check out the video and count your lucky stars you don't have to deal with this everyday!

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