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Times have changed, and many of us have been focusing on eating healthier. Some of the ways includes eating less salt and, in some cases, ignoring it completely. This is because we all think that salt is considered bad for our health. However, do we really know if that is true?

The answer is no, in fact, salt is an important electrolyte that helps our body work normally. If you have decided to avoid salt, make sure you don’t remove it completely. 

If you are trying to cut back on salt, you should understand how the body will react to this new change.

First things first, you might start gaining some weight.

Iodized salt is important for your hormones. When it is completely cut out, your iodine sources will become limited. As a result of this, you might start to gain weight, have dry skin, and experience muscle weakness and fatigue.

The next thing that may happen when you cut out salt completely, is that it can increase insulin resistance.

According to several studies, when we don’t get enough sodium in our diet, it can affect our insulin resistance. This means that the body won’t respond well to insulin and it could lead to higher blood sugar.

Also, when you cut out salt, you might experience symptoms of dehydration.

When sodium levels in your blood take a drastic dip, you might experience symptoms that are very similar to dehydration. This might come in forms as having a dry mouth, feeling dizzy, feeling thirsty, and have less frequent trips to the bathroom.

Another symptom is starting to feel nauseous. When you do not have any salt intake, it can have a major impact on cholesterol levels. Usually, it does not have early symptoms, however, it can attack other parts of your body, including your heart.

However, even though cutting out salt completely can be harmful, it is still harmful if you have a high salt intake. 

High salt intake may cause a significant increase in blood pressure and stiffening of blood vessels and arteries. Several studies have also shown that a high salt diet leads to a higher risk of stomach cancer.

If you have eaten a high salt meal, there are a few ways you can help your body compensate for the intake. Make sure you drink sufficient amounts of water to help your body regain its desired sodium-to-water ratio.

After all, we do need to enjoy life sometimes too!

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