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Neighbours and indifferences are two things that will most likely always go together. While some people have no problem with the people next door, others are willing to go out of their way and spend a lot of money to take revenge.

YouTubers, Be Amazed, compiled a list of their funniest homeowners’ revenge stories, and here are our favourites.

A woman whose neighbours stepped in and ensured that she couldn’t demolish her townhouse to rebuild it, took revenge in the sweetest possible way.

London’s Kensington suburb is swanky, and people there tend to come from old money with old traditions. So, imagine when one woman wanted to demolish her townhouse to build a modern version of her dream house.

The neighbours refused, so she decided to paint her townhouse in red and white candy stripes. The council stepped in eventually and she had to get rid of the red and white stripes, but she didn’t take it lying down.

She took the council to court, and eventually won the battle to demolish the current building and build a new one. We bet she won’t be invited to this year’s street party.

The narrowest home in Boston is known as the Skinny Home, with a width of only 3.2 metres.

When two brothers inherited a plot of land centuries ago, the one went ahead and built a mansion on it, leaving almost no space for the other brother to build his home.

So, instead of accepting it and building his home on another plot, he went ahead and built the Skinny Home. He knew that it would block sunlight into his brother’s home and bring its price down, so he definitely got his revenge.

It’s surprisingly spacious inside and has been occupied since it was built way back when.

The Grudge Home in Beirut looks more like a wall than a home, that’s because it’s so narrow.

Much like the two brothers mentioned above, the Grudge Home was built to block one brother’s sea view. While it is narrow and oddly shaped, it is habitable, and people actually still live in it.

Watch the Be Amazed video below to see what these revenge houses look like.

Image credit: Mental Floss

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