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Sure, we’ve all got an old phone stashed in a drawer somewhere, just in case the new one gets stolen or dropped. OK, maybe more than just one phone, we’ve all upgraded quite a few times since the Nokia 3310 was released.

Just like us, Jayesh Kale owns more than one phone since he first bought a cell phone. Unlike us, Jayesh owns a whopping 2,371 cell phones. Best of all? They’re still in working condition.

Over the last six years, Jayesh has built up probably the largest collection of cell phones in the world. While it hasn’t been established yet, he wants to enter his collection for a Guinness World Record, so we’re holding thumbs.

Jayesh’s cell phones have been collected from all over the world, including countries like the UK, Switzerland, Dubai, the United States and others in Europe.

While you’d think Jayesh probably keeps all the cell phones in storage somewhere so that they're safe and, more importantly, out of the way, he does just the exact opposite. His phones are everywhere, and his apartment is filled with cell phones in every cupboard and drawer. He even keeps some of the cell phones in his car because he’s run out of space in his apartment.

Jayesh’s fascination with cell phones started with his very first Nokia 3310, and it hasn’t stopped since.

Watch the A Great Big Story video below to see Jayesh Kale’s big collection of cell phones.

Image credit: USA Today

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