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Have you ever been tricked into thinking that a faux plant is a real one? With lifelike fuzz on the leaves and realistic soil it can be hard to tell a fake succulent from a real one. 

Caelie Wilkes was one of the people who fell for that trick and only discovered the truth years later. Wilkes discovered that she had been caring and watering an artificial succulent for two years. 

In a Facebook post by Wilkes she explained her fateful discovery. “I was so proud of this plant. It was full, beautiful coloring, just an overall perfect plant.” 

Wilkes explained that she even went as far as to develop a watering plan for her beloved plant while in was sitting in her kitchen window. When she found the “cutest vase” for her adorable and beloved succulent, she decided to finally transfer the succulent. When she was busy trying to move the dirt and the succulent from its current pot, she realised the truth behind her “perfect plant.”

“I put so much love into this plant! I washed its leaves. Tried my hardest to keep it looking its best, and it’s completely plastic. I pulled it from the container it’s sitting on styrofoam with sand glued to the top! I feel like these last two years have been a lie.”

After sharing her hilarious story, Home Depot reached out and sent her a variety of real succulents to have in her home. Considering how dedicated she was to watering the fake succulent, taking care of her new plant babies should be a breeze.

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