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Not all children are brats. Here are 10 of the most grateful kids receiving gifts on Christmas.

We've all see those videos of kids throwing tantrums because the gift they received for Christmas was not up to their bratty standards. Well, those children need to watch this video because these kids could teach them a lesson in being grateful.

Spoiled children can really put a downer on what is supposed to be a celebration. Christmas is a day for giving, and receiving is simply a terrific byproduct of that. This, though, seems to have eluded those selfish rascals who won't accept anything except what their heart desires.

Those kids are the ones least deserving of receiving anything at all, frankly. They're the ones Santa should be giving a lump of coal to. The children in the video below by YouTuber, TrendCave, however, deserve a medal.

Their pure joy is infectious, and their emotions unescapable. Whether they received a puppy, a car or simply a purse, their grateful responses are a wonder to see. These kids are the ones that fully deserve everything they get and are an inspiration for others in the art of appreciation.

So, get your Christmas on and enjoy the video. Hopefully, your kids or siblings are as grateful as these kids! Happy holidays!

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