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One of the most amazing natural settings on the planet is regarded as the Galápagos Islands. With its abundance of flora and fauna, conservationists are especially concerned with protecting the amazing species that can be found there. The enormous tortoises that straddle the islands are among the most well-known. There are thirteen native species of these lovely, slow-moving creatures on the island, and they have incredibly long lifespans.

Breeding programs are used to preserve these iconic reptiles, as there are currently only 15,000 of these species left in the wild. Conservationists recently celebrated the successful release of 136 young tortoises back into the wild.

On Isabela Island, at the Arnaldo Tupiza Chamaidan Breeding and Rearing Center, tortoises were bred. Every animal had a tracking chip, and their health was of utmost importance. These young ones, who range in age from 5 to 9, are prepared to make their first foray into the wild. Transporting the group of 136 tortoises proved to be difficult.

The heavy passengers were carefully transported to the slopes of the Cerro Azul volcano on Isabela Island using a helicopter and a massive net. The youths were set free by volunteers, enabling them to start fresh in the wild.

The local ecosystem depends heavily on the tortoises. They carry seeds throughout the island and munch on plants to control growth. The Galápagos Conservancy's director of conservation, Dr. Jorge Carrión, said in a statement: "We need to remain vigilant because invasive species are a threat to this species." We shall thus keep a careful eye on the situation. Tracking the tortoises will aid in maintaining a careful watch on this amazing and endangered species. The tortoises are ready for their new lives.

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