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Traditional arts have a history unique to each culture. The Japanese practice of carving fruit and vegetables into intricate garnishes is known as mukimono. We've watched over the years as Takehiro Kishimoto, aka Gaku, has become an expert in this field. Amazing pictures and videos of the fish, dragons, and birds he creates out of produce can be found on his Instagram page.

Gaku has a charming way of showcasing his food art, whether it's putting a squash seed in the beak of a bird carved from the same vegetable or ingeniously using broccoli florets as the tail of a carp. By employing specific blades and instruments intended for fruit carving, the artist can accomplish remarkable detail in his creations. His edible artwork features a diverse range of textures, ranging from the delicate plumage of a bird to precisely aligned fish gills. 

Gaku's recent favourites seem to be broccoli and carrots, but he also occasionally uses apples, squash, cucumbers, and lemons. The sculptor hopes that by releasing his work online, people will have a greater understanding of Thai fruit carving and mukimono.

One thing is certain, though the produce aisle will never look the same after seeing Gaku's fruit and vegetable carvings.

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