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Artist Riane Leafworks shares genuinely amazing pieces on her Instagram. Her exquisite nature illustrations are evocative of vintage children's book illustrations, and they mostly feature a colourful and endearing cast of woodland creatures. Riane displays her amazing work using fallen leaves as a medium rather than pen and paper or watercolour and canvas. 

The Tokyo-based artist went to university to study drawing and then picked up painting again because her kids pushed her to. "The beauty of people and nature, the activities of animals and children, and the sounds of children interacting" are the main themes of her carved leaf art. Every piece of art created by Riane is painstakingly carved by hand into tiny leaves in a variety of sizes and shapes.

The artist can give fallen foliage new life by using her vibrant designs to fill them with wonderful scenes of adventure, family, and peace. Warmth emanates from Riane's creations, and looking through her portfolio is difficult to resist getting nostalgic for bygone eras of children's literature. 

Looking through her constantly expanding portfolio makes it simple to let your creativity run wild. It is as satisfying for the viewer to take in all the details of Riane's carvings as it is for the artist to keep working.

She frequently divides her scenes into parts that are above and below ground. There's a wonderful world of patterns below, and a variety of woodland creatures play on top. 

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