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Photographer Peter Rosén recently captured a stunning, uncommon display of multiple colors, particularly green, surrounding Venus in Sweden. It's critical to comprehend how light functions in order to completely comprehend the significance of this. Light from sources like the sun is always present both around us and throughout our solar system. Over millions of miles, sunlight—typically the white light we see illuminating our world—arrives at us. Rays are refracted by gas and other particles in the air we breathe when they enter the atmosphere at an angle.

Because blue light has shorter waves than other colours in the spectrum, it bounces around even more, giving our blue sky its color from the celestial dome. Blue is, however, just one colour of the rainbow that makes up light.

On January 8, 2024, Rosén—who is based in Stockholm and describes himself as a photographer, digital artist, and amateur astronomer—aimed his camera at Venus. He told Spaceweather, "On Monday morning, I woke up early to get a beautiful view of Venus and the Moon rising over Stockholm's skyline." "I also got an unexpected bonus in the form of a rare green flash on Venus because of the extreme cold that still lingers over southern Sweden.”

This flash is the result of several things. In order for the Earth's atmosphere to completely separate the light into its component colours, the light from Venus had to travel at precisely the correct angle. The blue light rims the top of the planet and the red rims the bottom, a phenomenon known as atmospheric dispersion. However, atmospheric particles have the ability to greatly scatter blue light, leaving behind slightly longer green wavelengths above the planet. This vivid green is seen in Rosén's video, but other colours are also discernible. The unusual event was made possible by the night's extreme cold. There are green flashes on other celestial bodies, such as the sun. 

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