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One of the largest projects of actress Emilia Clarke's career, her final season as Daenerys on Game of Thrones, was completed in 2019. Then, years earlier, nearly at the start of her career, she disclosed in an essay for the New Yorker that she had survived two aneurysms. Many others who had experienced comparable traumas were motivated by this to finally share their experiences and the difficulties they had in finding care. Clarke, along with her mother Jenny, founded SameYou, a nonprofit organization that supports individuals with brain injuries, after learning about the challenges that aneurysm survivors encounter during their recuperation.

The charity stated, “SameYou’s mission is to pilot recovery innovations that bring immediate benefits to brain injury survivors and their families. It operates with a small team and works with powerful partners globally to launch ground-breaking therapies and lead vital research into brain injury that wouldn’t be funded otherwise.”

Prince William has now named Clarke and her mother Members of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) in a ceremony held at Windsor Castle. For the benefit of the cause and the charity, I can speak for both of us when I say that the MBE is evil. It's amazing for that, the actress told BBC News. The significance of their efforts with the Prince of Wales was also discussed by the two.

The actress' mom, who also underwent surgery to remove an aneurysm, stated, “We realised that very few people had access to long enough rehabilitation or early enough rehabilitation. You are expected to get better after a certain period, and that, sadly, is not the reality for the majority of people. Even if you have a very mild brain injury, it's a really major trauma.” 

One of the many things SameYou does is raise funds to treat more people who have suffered brain injuries using a cutting-edge rehabilitation method called Neurorehabilitation Online (NROL). It covers speech improvement techniques, cognitive-communication support, physiotherapy, and lifestyle advice. The National Health Service runs it in real-time through Teams, and it has helped 1,000 patients so far. 

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