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Music lovers have taken a shine to weatherman Adam Krueger's ingenious way of incorporating lyrics into his live TV forecasts. Fans of pop music send him a lot of requests, and he works based on their suggestions. One of his most recent endeavours demonstrated that he is capable of mastering any genre. Even the members of the heavy metal band Disturbed were impressed by Krueger's attempt at slyly slipping in lyrics.

Many metalheads started following Krueger after he included Metallica's "Enter Sandman" at their request, and they continued to ask him to add their favourite bands. Krueger got an idea while observing the forecast for the Houston region, where he is based. The area was anticipating a significant increase in cedar pollen, which causes allergies in a lot of people. 

He therefore reasoned that "Down with the Sickness," one of Disturbed's most well-known songs, would be the ideal choice.

In the video, Krueger is seen bobbing along to the heavy metal song while driving to work. The fun starts when he steps in front of his reliable green screen. Devoted to the scene, he even incorporated lead singer David Draiman's guttural sounds, "ooh-wah ah-ah-ah." Krueger has become an expert in his field after incorporating lyrics from 200 songs into his weather report. To combat the pollen and gusts of Arctic air, he boldly managed to slip in lines like "drowning this in my sea of loathing" and "when silently in changes, violently it changes." 

According to Krueger, sharing or commenting on a band's video is the ultimate form of appreciation. Fortunately, Disturbed saw the video this time around and, to their fans' delight, posted it to Instagram along with the words "Awesome" and some horn hand gestures.

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