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The stunning gem of central Italy, L'Aquila, came to the attention of the world in 2009 when a severe earthquake severely damaged much of the town. But happily, a picture uploaded by Redditor Daenel is bringing L'Aquila back into the spotlight for a far more encouraging reason. Thousands of people have shared this local's photo of an optical illusion that turns water from a fountain into "fire," leaving many to wonder if it was taken with Photoshop or not. 

We're glad to confirm that it is real. Despite living in L'Aquila, Daenel notes that he had never before witnessed this phenomenon. Actually, his small daughter was the one who noticed the illusion initially, pausing to point and utter the word "fire." Even though he was only able to record the event with a "cheap camera," Daniel plans to return at the same time the following year to try and spot the stunning illusion once more.

Actually, the name of the fountain is Fontana Luminosa, which means "luminous fountain." Situated in the city's historic centre, it was sculpted by Nicola D'Antino in 1934. After suffering minor damage during the 2009 earthquake, the fountain was repaired and reopened in 2016.

Furthermore, even though some people find it difficult to accept that the picture is authentic, the illusion is undoubtedly plausible. One well-known illustration of the same optical illusion is the Yosemite Firefall. Exceptionally uncommon, it's easy to understand why, despite living in the city, Dale had never seen it before. Several conditions must be met for the fiery illusion to materialise.

For the illusion to be effective, not only does the Sun need to fall in the perfect spot, but the sky also needs to be perfectly clear. Furthermore, because the illusion only lasts briefly, someone must be present at the right time to capture it on camera.

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