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Today, there are cameras everywhere. Which is terrific, otherwise we wouldn't have these unbelievable moments to share with you.

People do a lot of weird, wacky and unbelievable things. Take, for instance, the dude who parachuted off a mountain on a couch. If that wasn't caught on film, you probably would think it's nonsense.

Or, how about a cat who prevented a toddler from falling down a flight of stairs? It's a hero, but without video, nobody would have seen its quick-thinking bravery.

There are 25 of these unbelievable moments in the video below by YouTuber, Hyperloop, including one of a lady giving birth in a parking lot while standing up. Others happen in the sports arena, from a last-second three-pointer on the basketball court to a one-handed catch of a bat by a fan at a baseball game.

All of them are unbelievable, and you should watch the video immediately!

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