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Some people can make 3D illusions that'll blow your mind. Let's check them out!

For most of us, accomplishing the 3D illusions you're about to see is impossible. You might get close, but it'll likely be no match for the talent these people showcase.

Can you make it look like you have a hole to another dimension in the palm of your hand? Didn't think so. How about turning your face into Lumiére, the candle butler from Beauty and the Beast? Not likely.

We join famous YouTuber, Preston, and his rat friend, Shivers, on their channel called Reactory, as they react to a multitude of incredible 3D illusions. Some of them are so good, they really will blow your mind. In fact, you'll probably have to watch this video twice to understand how some of them are done.

From face painting to murals, a tennis racket expelling flames to incredible artworks of food that look more realistic than the actual food. It's all here, and there's no magic or trickery, just amazing artworks made with simple instruments, like a pencil and ruler or some paint.

And, talking of paint, the last video in this compilation will have you scratching your head and leave you hungry at the same time!

To see what we're on about, simply press play and prepare yourself for 3D illusions that'll blow your mind!

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