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Date: 2018-11-05

Kim Jong Un is the very well known dictator of the North Korean State, however, you might not know his day by day habits since he assumed power seven years ago.

So, what is it like to rule over what human rights watch describes as one of the most oppressive authoritarian states in the world?

Information about Kim Jong Un is very scarce as his whereabouts are tightly controlled, so what we do know about his life is pieced together from North Korea's state-run media and accounts from people who know him personally.

Most of the time Kim Jong Un is separated from his people, spending most of the state's wealth on the military – which accounts for a total of 24% of GDP – while 20% of the state's budget is spent just for his thoroughbred horses.

While some North Koreans may dislike the way he runs the country they remain silent out of fear as North Korea operates vast informational channels that monitor and report to authorities if citizens are suspected of criminal or subversive behaviour. The state will generate fearful obedience by means of threatening, detention or forceful labour under harsh and sometimes fateful conditions.

For more insights into a day in the life of North Korean Dictator, see the video below.

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