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Coming up with meaningful names for hundreds of cities, towns, streets and place in a country can become very difficult. It is no secret that it sometimes seems like the names that are picked are sort of hilarious and clear that the creativity has run out at that point.  But, it you didn’t know that some very hilarious names existed for cities and towns, then this is your time to learn a few. 

British ex-pat Laurence Brown of Lost in the Pond did us the favour of listing seven of the weirdest names of cities and towns across the United States. He managed to explain each hilarious name with a straight face and in a slightly sardonic manner.

Brown named each name of certain town while explaining how that name became official, and also why it became the name of the town.

“I thought that Britain topped the lot when it came to places that most people find unfathomable. Like the Isle of Dogs or Pratt’s Bottom or Ipswich, but it turns out that America almost out-weirds us. All across the country there are place names that look like they belong in a Thesaurus, never mind a map of the United States.”

But, not stopping at some of the weirdest names, Brown also covered some of the rudest names of cities and towns across the US.

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