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The hilarious tortilla challenge has taken over TikTok, and this time even two  Hollywood giants couldn’t resist joining in on the fun. Actors Kevin Hart and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson shared their hilarious video of themselves taking on the Tortilla Challenge. 

The tortilla challenge involves each participant trying to keep a gulp of water in their mouths while slapping the other with a soft flour tortilla. 

“We've seen the kids play the game where they slap each other with these things,” Hart said while  accepting a large round tortilla. After Heart and Johnson received their tortilla, they played a game of Rock Paper Scissors to decide who slaps first. Hart took the first win, and delivered a satisfying tortilla slap to the side of Johnson’s face. They both Hart appear to be staving off laughter while still trying to keep the water in their mouths. With no one losing their composure in the first round, they continued with round two where Hart pulls yet again another victory.  

This time Hart was much more giddy after getting a second chance to slap The Rock. After pulling another slap, Hart couldn’t contain his amusement, and he unwittingly releases the water.  

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