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With his remarkable resemblance to a famous masked vigilante, the mixed Persian cat named Boy has won over people’s heart around the world. The adorable kitty has a very similar black marking around its eyes than the mask the fictional character Zorro wears. 

With such a unique face, the internet couldn’t resist Boy. The sweet kitty quickly went viral after making his debut on TikTok in November 2021 and racked up 1.5 million views on his first video.  The comments were filled with comparisons to Zorro, which also became his new nickname.

The masked feline lives in Indonesia with his several cat siblings and his owner Indraini Wahyudin Noor. Taking a glance at Noor’s social media, it is clear to say that Boy is at the top of his favourite thing. Noor even admitted it himself. “I have many cats but this is the only one who has a mask on his face. He's my favourite cat!”

Noor has also fully embraced the Zorro comparison. One of his most popular videos also features Boy and Zorro motifs. One video shows Noor unwrapping a package in front of Boy while the Zorro theme plays. 

Noor has even made the Zorro outfit come to life with a black cat-sized hat Similar to the secretive avenger.

The sweet Boy has also welcomed  his first litter of kittens into the world, including a very little mini-Zorro named Bandit. Boy fans seem to be delighted by his mini-me. But who can blame them. 

Check out some adorable videos of Boy and his litter on TikTok down below:



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