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Engineer and musician Vladimir Demin has created a very creative invention which will bring the real sound of music without lifting a finger. No, it is not a CD player. Demin has invented an incredible robotic player for acoustic guitar. 

This robot guitar can perform almost  any song in the world upon command, no matter the style. 

This complicated creation of wires feeds actuators which hold down the frets while others strum a the desired intervals. This clever invention can also bend notes, slide between frets, and change keys, just like a human guitarist.

However, that is not the only trick this inventions holds. For those who can play the piano but not the guitar, no fear, as this invention can also easily connect to a MIDI keyboard. “PIANO-GUITAR is new musical instrument? If you cannot play guitar but can play piano, this is for you It can play from “forte” to “piano”. Response speed more than 1000 bpm.”

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