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In the past year we have seen several magnificent musical inventions ranging from unique music boxes playing a song, or instruments playing itself. However, it seems like the creativity in the music world has started to think way more outside the box.

A creative self-described “inventor and breaker of things”, Simone Giertz, has blown away the internet with her self designed hand-cranked music box. However, this not just any normal music box, this unique music player are able to play songs by popping bubble wrap.

“I want to make a music instrument that pops bubble  wrap and i’m naming the genre either bubble pop or bubble wrap i’m still undecided. …So here’s the idea, imagine a music  box but it’s a lot bigger and you  feed a sheet of bubble wrap through it and it can have it play a song.”

The music isn’t very melodic, rather it adds nice percussive pops at different tones within a song.

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