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For some of us,  shopping  in big stores is an exciting day. With so much to explore, it's easy to get overwhelmed and walk away with far more than you're willing to buy. One lucky dog ​​to share  the shopping frenzy is Zira, a very cute 4-month-old Corgi puppy who took a road trip to Target earlier this month. 

 Zira's owner, Jessie, is surprised to see her delight as she rides her shopping cart down the aisle. “She reminded me so much of Rose from Titanic the way she leaned over the front of the cart and looked into the world of Target for the first time! We could tell she really enjoyed it,” recalls Jessie. A California pet owner tweeted a photo of Zira's adorable breathy smile, and the post  went viral. The post  has now received over 145,000 retweets and  550,000 likes, as well as countless replies from animal-loving friends who  shared snaps of their precious pets enjoying a shopping trip.

But the response hasn't always been positive, with Target itself claiming that its stores are "only for service animals." Jessie later posted an apology on Instagram on behalf of Jira, saying, "I learned a lot about the laws and regulations regarding pets allowed in the store. My parents didn't know about all the dangers and dangers when they brought me." 
 But don't worry. This cute puppy has been shopping  at pet stores like PetSmart and Home Depot ever since.

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