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An adorable four-legged friend, Apollo, stole the internet’s heart with his adorable skill of ball catching. Since he was adopted by his loving family, Apollo has lived by the motto “never give up.” 

Cute Apollo will always find a way to achieve what he wants. Even if it gets a little difficult this determined pup will always keep on trying until the end. Kaity Kimball, Apollo’s human mother added that “He’s relentless when it comes to something he wants. Doesn’t matter if it’s a ball, a cookie or anything else. He will not give up until he gets it. This kind of creates problems when he’s trying to get into the garbage, though. He won’t stop until he gets what he wants!”

It doesn’t matter how challenging the task, Apollo will make it happen especially when it comes to catching his ball. When playing fetch with his parents, he’s always determined to complete the assignment, even though Apollo doesn’t have the best catching. It was never one of the dog skill Apollo figured out. 

“He has actually never been able to play true ‘fetch’. He can catch really big toys that are hard to miss. He has a plush pickle toy that’s about the same size as him, and that’s about the only thing he can catch on the first try.” However not one time when he plays fetch did Apollo give up. He still tries to catch the ball with everything in him. It does however take him a bit longer than some other furry friend, but he always manages to get the ball into his mouth eventually. Recently, Apollo was very eager to play fetch. Kimball decided to take a video of his attempts to catch the ball in slow motion, which is one of the most adorable videos. 

“I laughed really hard and sent the video to my whole family. They know how goofy Apollo can be, so that video is perfect.” It took Apollo several tries to finally get the ball, and the slow-motion feature highlights every miss in a hilarious way. Apollo couldn’t have cared less, though. He caught the ball, and that’s all that matters. Apollo is never embarrassed. He marches to the beat of his own drum and forgets most things right after [they] happen. The only thing he doesn’t forget is what time dinner is.”

The video definitely showcases Apollo’s adorable and determined personality. Watch the video on TikTok here: 


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