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During a trip to Antarctica, Levi Tillemann captured a wonderful and rare footage of a  leopard seal lounging on an iceberg and singing loudly. At first Tillemann thought it was a boat making the noise. He then started to believe that the sound is being made by a bird nearby. But to his surprise, that soft gurgling sound turned out to be from a  happy seal. The seal seemed to enjoy his time alone. 

"While driving through Bulls Bay in a semi-rigid inflatable boat called the Zodiac, I heard a strange noise. At first I thought it was a Zodiac engine reverberating from a glacier. But that haunting tune sounded more like a tropical production than an engine. We decided to investigate and found a large leopard seal sunbathing on the iceberg and crowing. The sound was otherworldly and reverberated over a vast area," Tillman added. 

Turns out it was seldom heard. Mr. Tillemann explained: "Quark's team consists of first-class guides and biologists who are  local fauna experts. None of them had ever heard a leopard seal speak loudly, and Amazingly, biologists had never heard of leopard seals making loud noises on land (only in water)."

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