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A variety of marine life lives off the coast of Campbell River, a small town halfway up Vancouver Island. Diving there is incredible, the water is cool and clear, and the giant seaweed forests soar into the sky. One of the creatures that make their home in this area is the giant common octopus. You rarely see this. So when an instructor and diver named Andrea Humphreys started looking for such equipment for a friend who had never seen one before, they probably didn't have high hopes. But not only did she find one, she was hugged by one. "Most of the time you find octopuses, they're in their burrows, so they prefer to hide in small cracks and crevices, under rocks or in open logs," Humphries told the Vancouver Sun.  "So it  was pretty unusual to be outside." 

According to Humphreys, the octopus, with its tentacles reaching about 10 feet, was very curious.

Humphreys explained, "It was just crawling on my camera, crawling on my lips, giving me a hug. These huge tentacles were up over my face and mask."

Humphreys added that even in her attempts of backing away, the octopus kept coming towards her, however, she knew the octopus wasn't a threat due to its colour. "The colour of the mantle and body is a pretty good indicator. If it turns white then it’s upset or angry. Red is the normal colour."

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