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Cat cafes around the world offer their customers the chance to spend time with their furry friends. Now a small place in Tokyo offers a more unique type of business. At Mipig Café, you can have coffee with micro pigs. The concept of relaxing in a café with herds of pigs buzzing around was very popular. After opening its first store in Meguro in 2019, Mipig Cafe has opened a second store in the trendy Harajuku district. Like many places to have fun with cute animals, MiPig Cafe has  cute table settings with lots of little hiding places and play areas for your micro pigs. 

 The piglets that live in Mi Pig Cafe are known to be especially affectionate with their guests. These cute little pups love to sniff  guests for treats and will even jump on your lap to find a place to cuddle or sleep. Humans must also follow some rules to ensure the safety of the piglets. B. Do not shoot or actively grab the flash.

Reservations are required to prevent congestion. So please book  in advance on the Mipig Café website. For  1,000 yen ($7) plus a  drink order  of 600 yen ($4.20), you can play with the pigs for 30 minutes. To further enhance the experience, you can  buy  treats to share, but be aware that you may be surrounded by piglets and try to catch them. 

Even if you don't visit Tokyo soon, you can  follow the adventures of the cute micropigs as they roam the Mipigg Cafe. Follow them on Instagram and get ready to say "Wow!" along with all the photos they post.

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