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Archaeologists found many tools left behind by prehistoric civilisations, many of which were stone-made. However, Spanish researchers have discovered incredible weapons made of crystal. These weapons date back to at least 3000 BC. Also included is a great crystal dagger that would have required tremendous skill to carve.

This incredible discovery was made in the megalithic tombs of Montelirio Tolos in South Western Spain. This huge lot is made out of large slate slabs and is 143 feet long. The excavations were carried out from 2007 to 2010. Five years later, researchers from the University of Granada, the University of Seville and the Spanish University Research Council published a study on crystal instruments. In addition to daggers, they found 25 arrowheads and cannonballs. 

The study revealed that rock crystals are commonly found in late prehistoric Iberian sites, but are rarely studied in detail. To understand the purpose of these special weapons, we must first consider the context in which they were discovered.

At least 25 bodies have been found in Montelirio Toros. Analyzes so far indicate that at least one man and several women died from poisoning. The woman's body sat in a circle in a room next to the bones of a possible leader. The tomb also contains "shrouds and clothing made from tens of thousands of perforated beads and embellished with amber beads", as well as many grave goods, including items made from ivory and pieces of gold blades. It was Crystal arrowheads have been found together in groups, and researchers believe they may have been ritual offerings. And what about daggers? It was found alone in another room "with an ivory handle and scabbard". It is approximately 8.5 inches long and similar in shape to other daggers of the time. 

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