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Russian fisherman Roman Fedortsov is known for his ability to catch all sorts of interesting marine life. Russian fisherman Roman Fedortsov's highly-visited Instagram and Twitter accounts are littered with images of creatures he rescued while working as a trawler in Murmansk, Russia. We've featured the deep-sea creatures before, but let's take a look at what types of fish have been caught over the past year. 

A word of warning here. These deep-sea fish look like they were made for a horror movie, so they can haunt you. These fish make up only 2% of the known marine species and typically live at depths of 1,000 meters (3,200 feet) or more above sea level, in harsh, dark environments. Creepy looking tweaks have been made  to survive this.

For example, many fish are blind due to  lack of light,  but some have evolved very large eyes that are sensitive to light from living organisms, also known as bioluminescence. In fact, many deep-sea creatures are capable of bioluminescence, which is natural when living in the dark. Another special feature? Large - very large - teeth. Because these fish, including larger dead fish, rely primarily on food falling from above sea level, their large hinged jaws and large, sharp teeth ensure that prey arrives when it arrives. 
Another technique is to use  bioluminescence to distract, attract prey, and use their large jaws to catch whatever comes their way. Because when food is scarce, this fish cannot afford to miss prey.  

As you can imagine, obtaining these creatures is no easy task. Some species exhibit deep-sea features in excess of 200 meters. There's also a lot that marine biologists still don't know about this elusive fish. . This is the interesting part of Fedortsov's feed. It is a reminder of how much we still have to explore and that there is still a whole other world shrouded in mystery deep within the ocean.

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