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Some zoo animals achieve celebrity status because of their charisma or importance to the  community. However, one particular bear made headlines for its highly suspicious appearance. The video that's going viral now  shows a sun bear named Angela, who lives at the Hangzhou Zoo, but she's frowning on her. Not only does she appear to be standing upright on her hind legs, but the loose fur on her hips makes her coat look like a costume. She was also spotted waving her hand at the camera, raising suspicions as to whether it's a real bear. Are bears really humans in suits? The idea received many amusing and skeptical reactions. "If you think it's a fake bear, go inside the cage and tell me if it has a zipper on the back," wrote one reader.

Perplexed by the allegations, zoo officials quickly denied the rumours. "Of course it's a real animal. It's never a human in disguise," said one of the workers. "Our location is a government facility and situations like this don't happen here," the official added, adding that the video was filmed on a summer's day with temperatures reaching 104 degrees Fahrenheit. "If you're wearing a suit, you should only have a few minutes. You'd better lie down."

The zoo also released a joking statement from the bear, saying, "Yesterday after work,  the park manager called me asking  if I could take time off from work and replace him with a bipedal walker. It was." will spread on the Internet. Some people think I'm too human when I'm standing. You really don't seem to understand me. Some visitors  thought I was too small to be a bear. Again, I am Sun Bear from Malaysia. There are no black bears! I don't have a dog! It's Malaysia's sun bear! ”

It may not look like the big, chubby creatures we're used to seeing, but vocal experts believe it's a bear. "It looks like a sun bear to me," Charles Robbins, director of research at the Washington State University Bear Center, told the New York Times. "Perhaps the bear learned how to stand quickly because the crowd rewarded him with food  for standing," Chester Zoo expert Ashley Marshall told the BBC. acknowledged that it "looks a lot like a human in a costume," but said the animal in the video is "definitely a real bear." 

It's fun to imagine someone dressing up as a bear and entertaining a crowd, but Angela the bear seems very  real. Also, some zoos in China historically disguised shaggy dogs  as "African lions" or wolves, which is not true. Rather, this particular bear seems to have given us a simple lesson in bear anatomy and diversity. 

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