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Emmanuelle MoureauxTokyo-based architect and designer, is well known for creating multi-sensory installation art using bright colours as three-dimensional elements. In her latest project,  part of her ongoing 100 Colours series, Murrow has created her largest rainbow art installation ever. The last installation “Colour of Time” exhibited at the Toyama Prefectural Museum of Art  in Toyama Prefecture consists of 120,000 number-shaped paper cutouts that fill the entire space, creating a three-dimensional grid of floating numbers composed of 100 layers. 

Visitors can walk among floor-to-ceiling coloured paper numbers  from 0 to 9. Each row of numbers represents a time  from sunrise at 6:30 AM to sunset at 7:49 PM. As the viewer progresses, the colours of the sections change  from bright iridescent to darker tones and finally to black, visualising the passage of time from day to night. "When you go through the tunnel, the sky is coloured with  beautiful gradations, sometimes changing from pale to dark colours," says the museum. It is a hands-on exhibition where you can feel the subtle changes in  the air with your whole body while traveling through the colourful flow of time.

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