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Japanese Zen gardens are designed for people to  relax and reflect on the meaning of life. And obviously, traditional quiet places aren't just useful for humans. Twitter user kmt (@syu9ji2) recently shared online a photo of a cat taking a nap in the ripples of pebbles in the gardens of the  Kuhonbutsu Joshinji Jodo Buddhist Temple in Tokyo.  

 Cats don't usually need much convincing about time limits, but the soothing atmosphere of a Zen garden may have had some effect on this particular cat. 

Kmt's photo shows the ginger cat completely at one with the zen garden. Traditionally, only gardeners can dig pebbles to create  beautiful patterns. But this cat doesn't care about the rules at all and just stretches on  sacred ground.

Kmt later took more pictures of the sleepy kitten lounging in the garden after waking up. This fluffy baby is definitely a Zen master!

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