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Anamorphic art tricks our eyes into seeing flat drawings as 3D objects. Erik Greenawalt, aka Thechalkingdad, used this "trick" on a grand scale. A Pittsburgh artist has painted a stunning drawing  of a massive rectangular Tiffany & Co. jewelery box in his driveway. with something unexpected inside. While inside the iconic turquoise case you'd expect shimmering gold and dazzling diamonds, Greenwalt packed his box drawing  with a dozen eggs.

The artist photographed the finished piece with his wife seated on  the lid, further enhancing the stunning illusion. While we know  the drawing is only 2D, she uses perspective and light and shadow to make it look like it's actually over the driveway (rather than drawn on it). There's even a shadow surrounding the bottom of the box to add to the effect.

The idea for the whimsical pairing of eggs in a blue Tiffany box came about due to skyrocketing egg prices caused by the bird flu outbreak. When Greenwalt shared the picture on his social media, he added the caption: "This Valentine's Day, get her something more precious than diamonds. Introducing the Tiffany Breakfast Collection. The playfulness of the idea combined with the realistic beauty of the artwork makes this work a pleasure.

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