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Bears roaming  natural areas are nothing new, as is the existence of motion capture cameras. However, the combination of the two  recently took the internet by storm. The City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks  (OSMP) operates nine motion-sensing cameras on the 46,000-acre property. Placed in high-traffic areas such as  underpasses and fences, these cameras usually capture exotic fauna.

On November 24, 2022, a curious bear took time out of his busy hibernation schedule  to browse one of the OSMP cameras and snap a cute selfie.

OSMP collected 400 pictures of bears on his SNS and attracted the attention of many netizens. Many fans were hoping to find all 400 images, but OSMP says "we've kept the 24 funniest images and removed the rest."

 Recently, in January 2023, the pictorial went viral again. OSMP tweeted the image with a caption. Of the 580 pictures taken, about 400 were bear selfies.” With bears expected to hibernate in January, many users were initially concerned about the use of the word "recent". The OSMP said, “This happened last year. This was originally posted on our Instagram account."

After the fears subsided, Twitter users around the world re-shared the curious forest creature. OSMP tweets currently have over 8,000 retweets,  50,000 likes, and over 19 million views. Among the hundreds of responses, there are many funny comments describing how photogenic the bears are. One comment read, "It's cute. Later I might scratch my back against a tree. Some of the comments remind me of Stan's nomenclature on Twitter. "This is her portfolio." One user starts. "As we speak, she will sign a contract with IMG." 
 This curious and precious forest dweller proves that posing at any time of the year is always  in style.

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