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A pair of two beautiful chatty parrots amusingly engaged in a very human-like conversation with each other. Each bird politely gave each other a turn of “speaking” and “responding” to one another, and even showed a public display of affection.

As we all know some parrots tend to be big talkers due to their unique  vocal abilities. They are one of the most impressive animals with a unique ability. And when tow of these amazing birds come together, it might even appear as though they are having a full on conversation.

That's exactly what happened when these two parrots were recorded hanging out with one another, with their sounds coming across as words to each other, while their kisses seem to confirm their affectionate nature.

Taking place on the kitchen counter, the two parrots are already standing together as a pair — it's as if they're best friends and perhaps gossiping with one another! The parrot on the left is a vivid green with a bright red beak, and with two rings around its neck, one yellow and one a dark shade—it almost look like it's wearing a necklace. Its companion is a gorgeous light blue with a similar bright red beak and black "necklace."

The green bird is the one who begins talking to its friend first, turning its body toward them and saying something in their shared language, which to humans sounds simply like squawking. Whatever they might have said obviously resonated with their friend, as soon after the blue bird turns to face the green one and begins to squawk back. It's as if they're having a genuine conversation, even taking turns for the other to speak and reply!

But what's even cuter is the moment their beaks touch, before the green bird begins to kiss the blue bird's head. They must be a parrot couple! The affection between them is clear and before too long, they're even making puckering kiss sounds toward each other, on top of their squawking speech.

As the video continues, the pair continues to switch between "conversations" via squawks, and kisses and nuzzles with their beaks. Who knew birds were so much like us? It's adorable to see the love they have for each other.

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