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Ruger has always been one of this kids in the house, ever since the pup joined his family. Ruger gets along with his human siblings so well. One can almost say the four of them are best friends who love running around and playing together whenever they get the chance.

Molly Figueroa, Ruger’s mom, said “He has special yet different bonds with each of my three kids.” Molly is also a photographer, and often use her kids and Ruger as her subjects. They are also her favourite subjects to photograph. However, there is one struggle Molly has when taking photos of her kids.  None of them are usually very good at sitting still for the camera. “My kids hate posing, and Ruger usually avoids eye contact with Mom's camera too.”

One day Figueroa was trying to get some cute photos of her kids and Ruger, but once again she struggled to get everyone to sit still and pose. However, for some reason Ruger seemed to empathise with his mom that day. He set an example for his siblings by sitting still and posing for the camera. In fact, he even smiled.

“Somehow he was having the best day ever and had to flash that glorious smile right at me.”

Molly was absolutely touched by sweet Ruger’s manners and decision to also share a smile for the camera. She hoped that his full cooperation would rub off on the rest of the kids. However, instead  she ended up capturing a lot of photos of well-behaved Ruger, and a bunch of playful uncooperative kids, which at the end turned out super hilarious. Molly couldn’t help but laugh once she saw the photos of Rugger sitting completely still and smiling in the middle of the chaos. 

After some time, the kids managed to also fall in line and sit still for their mom. But looking at everyone, Ruger was definitely the most well-behaved child that day.“He knew Mom had treats. I bribed the others with ‘treats’ as well, but I guess they weren't as enthusiastic about them.”

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