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KK and Sauce has been together since the very very beginning of their lives, and today the two 5-year-old’s are stronger than ever. Sweet girl KK and her beloved horse sister Sauce, spend every moment they can together. 

Ashlie Phillips, KK and Sauce’s mom, explained “We got her when she was 2 and they have grown up together. Sauce usually stays loose in the yard and every morning comes to the bedroom window and waits for her.” 

Being inseparable, KK and Sauce’s mom even lets them hang out inside the house from times to times. There are rules regarding their house rules however. Rule number oner is that sweet Sauce has to stay in the living room. Meaning that playtime isn’t supposed to happen anywhere else in the house. 

But of course, as all children they try to break the rules from time to time.  One day when Phillips was busying with household duties around the house, she suddenly noticed a lack of KK and Sauce close by. Doing a little investigating led to Phillips discovering the sweetest rule breakers ever having a little party in KK’s bedroom.

“We let her bring her inside and she stays in the living room. She plays with her for a little while and then we let her back out. This time when she brought her in she went straight to her room!” Really wanting her best horse sister to see her room, KK decided to snakily lead Sauce to her room to hopefully enjoy their time and games until they eventually got caught. 

After all, how easy can it be to be completely sneaky and get away with it when there’s a great big horse involved. At least the two managed to make it to her room. 

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