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One of the most adorable moments has recently been caught on camera at the hotel in the Galapagos islands. Adorable sea lion named Wendy decided to take a dip in the hotel pool and soon after saw the perfect spot to bake in the warm sun. However, this particular spot was already occupied by one of the guests. 

As they might say after this, sea lions gets what sea lions wants. Wendy decided to steal the guest’s sunbed right out under him. 

Sea lion Wendy and her pup, Lulu make their daily visit to the hotel to cool off in the cool pool. But in the recent video, Wendy decided to get a bit comfortable. The video captured by a guest shows Wendy wobbling up some stairs on her way from the beach, trying to make her way to the pool for a dip.

After her brief swim, she climbed out of the pool after washing away the salt water and saw the perfect sun spot. But in order to get it, she had force a man out of his spot. Tourists at the resort are told that Wendy is a regular visitor and are asked to remain at least six feet away. The poor man had no chance, and had to give up his spot.

The residents are also warned not to feed or try to Pet Wendy at the club. According to locals, Wendy and Lulu can spend several hours sleeping on the sun loungers. One witness to the recent occurrence and who filmed a recent visit said: “The animals here are so respected and loved - everyone is asked to keep a 6-foot distance from them and absolutely no touching or feeding them. I took this video while sitting on our balcony. My husband and I were in the Galápagos for our honeymoon.”

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