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Have you ever heard a tiny bear cub almost purring? Did you even knew that these sweet animals can make such sound? It is a rare sound and everyone is lucky enough to hear or even know about it. Luckily for Utah reporter Shara Parks, who was able to experience it first hand. 

An adorable baby black bear was a guest from Yellowstone Bear World and quickly made itself comfortable with Parks. It was then when Parks learned that these sweet cub can make a sound similar to out other favourite feline. The bear cub found a comfy spot snuggling up against her neck and let out the most delightful sound.

Park was surprised by the unique sound her little guest can make. She said while cradling him “That means I’m doing something right.” Seeking further explanation, the expert explained that, “Bears purr just like a cat purrs when you pet them, it’s their happy noise.”

Watch the sweet video of the baby bear and his unique sound here on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1472111999466852

In fact, just like us humans bears make use of vocalisations to communicate with other bears. The sounds usually include jaw-popping, low grumbles, woofing, and moans. It also includes this unique purr sound. Black bear cubs make motor-like pleasure sounds when they nurse, eat special treats, or even feeling relaxed and comfortable, just like Parks’ little guest. “Best moment of my day,” added Parks.

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