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An encounter with any type of shark can be quite scary for anyone, especially if you're swimming alone in the ocean. Cinematographer Zimy Da Kid captured a very unique and rare sighting. When one tiger shark devoured his underwater camera, the camera managed to capture clear footage of what it’s like to get eaten by a tiger shark. 

The footage survived to tell the rare and thrilling tale and even offers a 360-degree view inside of the shark’s mouth. While busy working on his documentary shoot near a circle of sharks, one of the tiger sharks got very curious. The shark swam right over to equipment and decided to take it along. In the 27-second video, the shark is seen chowing down on the camera showing us an interesting view from inside.

The journey takes us beyond the terrifying sharp teeth and into its the inner mouth with its gills clearly visible on the inner wall of its throat showing a smooth but ridged interior. But sadly, that's as far as the video journey takes us. The shark soon realised that it was not a food he is used to, and quickly spat it back out. Despite some possible teeth marks and scratches, the cinematographer was left with some very unique and incredible footage.

Zimy Da Kid was on an expedition as part of Deep Sea Guardians. This is an environmental conservation organisation which focuses on creators who are using their photography talents to create and capture the unique life from the surface of the water. “Art has this unique power of being able to create emotions within people and once people start loving something, they start caring about it and protecting it. This is exactly what I want to do through my art!

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