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We all have that one place in our home where we leave things we don’t usually use as much to gather up as much dust as possible until the next time for adventure. Whether it be a spare bedroom or the garage such in the case for this particular  family in Australia who usually leaves a bunch of stuff hanging in their garage and not think anything of it.

They have been leaving stuff hanging in the garage for quite some time, and has become used to it. However, they soon realised that they might want to reconsider some of the items they leave. When a member of the family went to fetch his hat hanging in the garage, he quickly spotted that something was different. 

It appeared that someone was  already using the hat. A curious carpet python managed to find his way in the hat and decided to take the perfect afternoon nap. The middle of the hat was in the perfect position in the sun, making it a cozy and warm place to take a nap. And clearly the python couldn’t resist. 

“A bit colder the last few days, however we are still getting calls for sleepy pythons and snakes trying to make the most of the sun trying to squeeze through the clouds,” Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers wrote in a post on Facebook.

The family didn’t want to disturb the snake’s peaceful nap, but seeing that it was no place for a python and that they wanted their hat back, they contacted Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers to safely come and collect him and take him back where is belongs. “Thanks to Dave for heading out and relocating this cheeky python back out into the bush,” Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers wrote.

Even though the sweet snake’s nap had to be interrupted, he will most likely find a new spot he likes even better. 

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