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The other day a bus driver showed just what an act of kindness looks like. The bus driver was making its way down a busy urban street in northern Brazil, when he made an unexpected stop. 

Alone in the middle the busy urban street was a lost sloth who seems to have lost his way back home. Unfortunately, the poor sloth ended up in the inhospitable spot, but had great luck for being spotted by the kind bus driver who only wants to help. The bus driver feared for the lost sloth’s life and to make sure the sloth doesn’t get hit by a car, or venture of even further from his forest home and decided to offer him a lift. 

After stopping the employee who collects the tickets on the bus hopped out of the bus only to return soon after carrying the sweet sloth. One passenger on the bus, Daniele Miranda said, “It was so nice of them. The bus driver could have just driven by, but he didn’t.”

For the rest of the journey, the rescued sloth was a key model passenger on the bus. He was just like another commuter by causally clinging to the rails like the rest.  “I had never seen a sloth up close,” Miranda said.

As soon as the bus reached its terminal, local authorities were dispatched to pick up the sloth, hopefully to help him complete his journey back where he belongs. 

The bus workers were praised by their employer for their kind hearted act. The bus company wrote: "Hats off to their reaction," the bus company wrote.

And Miranda couldn't help but agree as she added, "Thank goodness the sloth was saved."

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