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People have had a means of drying out their cell phones in the event that they get wet for as long as they have existed. It's simple but effective advice: put your phone in raw rice, and within a few days, the grain will have absorbed any moisture. But tech behemoth Apple recently said that this method might be more harmful than beneficial.

Apple claims that submerging your phone in rice “may allow small particles of rice to damage your iPhone” in a support document. It's also highly discouraged to try other well-liked tricks like using a paper towel to dry out the connector or putting a hair dryer on your phone.

Apple advises leaving your phone in a dry place with some airflow after wiping extra liquid off of it by tapping it against a flat surface. After thirty minutes, if you still see a liquid-detection alert, there may be liquid in the connector or on the cable's pins. You should return your phone to its original position as it may take up to twenty-four hours for the liquid to evaporate.

Though this advice is aimed specifically at iPhone owners, Android users would also find value in it, as their phones are also susceptible to rice particle intrusion. Regardless of brand, you should always keep in mind that if your phone gets wet, you need to act fast because time is of the essence.

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