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The intelligence of crows, ravens, and other members of the corvid family is well-known to ornithologists and birdwatchers. They not only have sensory consciousness, which is the ability to develop an awareness of the immediate past and present through observed events, but they also comprehend zero. It turns out that the phrase "bird brain" is reversed by these organisms. A raven by the name of Gosha has recently gained popularity online for his ability to use a regular stick to solve a puzzle.

Alexander's hand is seen in the video putting some candies inside a transparent tube. To the crow's frustration, it appears that the food is just out of reach. After accepting a small assistance, Gosha leaps onto his human's gloved hand. The bird unloads a white stick with its beak, and its weight causes it to fall to the ground. The crow, however, will not give up.

The bird dives down fast to retrieve the stick. He initially snatches the prop off of one end, but he soon finds it is too heavy to handle. The crow, in a stroke of brilliant intelligence, decides to pick it up this time from the middle, enabling him to finish the mission. Then, without missing a beat, Gosha deftly places the stick inside the transparent tube, and presto! Now that the treats are free, Alexander's cunning little feathered friend doesn't waste any time in devouring them. His human gives him congrats while he is busily gorging on his prize.

Even though this is an incredible feat, crows and ravens are capable of much more. It has been noted that the New Caledonian crow uses sticks to fashion hooks and other tools in order to obtain food. This species even understands how to use them to their best advantage. Dr. James St. Clair, who studied New Caledonian crows at the University of St. Andrews, told The Guardian that these birds are expert tool users. "We don't fully understand the complex interactions between genetic predispositions and lifelong individual and social learning that lead to the extremely dexterous behaviour we observe in adult birds." 

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