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Art director Stephen McMennamy has a unique talent of imagining what a normal object such as a light bulb could be. For McMennamy, a normal light bulb has the perfect shape to also be an egg or be combined with one.  

He has been artfully combining photos of various unrelated items in order to create a stunning collection of playfully surreal scenes. One of his current ongoing digital collage series is titled ComboPhotos. In his series one would say that it is just as joyful as it is thought-provoking. With his series, McMennamy is able to showcase that there is much more to be found in even the most mundane of inanimate objects.

McMennamy’s creative photo mashups visualise his childlike sense of imagination. He has created several perfect mashups ranging from a literal banana boat to a half-bird half-airplane. While some of his creations might instantly provoke a reaction, other more subtle combinations might take a couple of second to actually notice the collaboration of two different objects. 

In one of McMennamy’s images, he combines a paintbrush and spaghetti which at the end appeared as though thebbpaintbrush bristles are actually strands of spaghetti. In another photo, he cleverly combined a dog body and replaced its head with a piece of cauliflower.

Despite the huge difference in subjects’, McMennamy managed to line the two objects up perfectly in scale and texture.

What makes his work even more unique is that McMennamy doesn’t use stock photos. The artists take is own photos of every object he plans on using which can often take weeks to find the perfect subject. “I’m always looking for props. It’s a bit of a scavenger hunt at times. There’re times that just happen in an instant. I could be at lunch and find two things that I could combine very easily.”

Scroll down to see more of his creative creations.

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