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Los Angeles-based artist Katy Ann Gilmore has magically combined art and mathematics to transform ordinary, surfaces into three-dimensional illusions. One might think at first that the art work looks as though it is digitally added to the wall however, each creation Gilmore hand-draws using only pens and markers. Each line drawing, whether it’s a giant mural or a smaller work of art, appears to leap from her canvas of choice.

Gilmore obtained her BA degree in Mathematics, Art, and Spanish from Greenville College, Illinois and an MFA in Visual Art from Azusa Pacific University, California. The artist’s multi sectional background in these various degrees has led to a unique and highly methodological approach in her way of making striking art. Some of her mind blowing 3D creations are inspired by mathematical formulae, graphs, and equations, resulting in extraordinary shapes and patterns. These perfectly calculated shapes and patterns play with perspective. Gilmore explains, “I'm currently influenced heavily by topography and the relationship between 2D, perpendicular planes, and their distortions into 3D space.”

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