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A Malaysian artist named Chow Hon Lam started creating an ongoing comic series called Buddy Gator to simply spread joy to the world through the world of art and comics. Buddy Gator features a friendly and kind animated alligator as the main character who is a reminder to "never judge a book by its cover."

When the tragic worldwide Covid-19 pandemic started, Lam thought it best to begin illustrating his comic. "I wanted to create something to make people feel better during the hard time." The artist's own empathy for others definitely shines through in his work, with moments of kindness beautifully illustrated with cute animal characters.

Not only is the alligator friendly, but he was designed by Lam to be like the friend we all wish we had. "Alligators sometimes give us a scary impression: long mouth, sharp teeth, strong, and a scary tail. Alligators can be warm and sweet too. In this comic, you will see a different alligator, a warm and friendly alligator. Maybe we all need a buddy like him."

In various images, Buddy the alligator is seen playing with his friends and helping each other out when needed. In one cartoon, a bear welcomes a giraffe, a rabbit, and Buddy to his "house warming party". It's hosted in a cave, so the giraffe can only fit his head in. 

Buddy is also friends with an elephant called Nancy, a shark named Koji, a whale known as Andrew and Eric the rabbit.

Lam's comic is adorable and entertaining. But this delightful series also teaches us to be kind to others, even if they're different from us. "Everyone is born special. Love people around you, and love yourself too."

Scroll down to see some images from the Buddy Gator comic. 

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