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Life can be hard. The fact that we can wear pants and show up to work on a daily basis is an achievement on its own. However, sometimes, the will to give a f••k just isn't present any longer and people just tend to give up. Whether these people become a rebel without a cause or they just seem crazy, it is pretty clear to see who has just given everything the middle finger.

it is said that: ”The purest form of innovation derives from the laziness within.”.

If that is true, these people are winning at life and they are definitely working smarter, not harder! Some of these people just got sick of it all and just came prepared, like the guy in the subway who could never get a seat so he brought his own instead. Genius. Another guy clearly had no shame in coming to yoga "just to watch" and he didn't even try to hide it!

So, what have we learned from this? We guess, just stay true to yourselves!

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