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There are times when paying more for food means that you get more for your buck. $5 grocery store sushi is quite different to that which you would order at a restaurant but, when it comes to other things like bottled water, just buy the cheaper one.

These guys set out to test the theory that more expensive food is better and to assess whether paying more is better. On a side note, don't watch this video if you are hungry because you will be going out to buy pie or cake after this.

They start off with handmade $4.50 pies with real fresh fruit and then moved to something called a fried piecake. The last and most expensive option was a 3-layered pumpecapple piecake. Its a mouthful, literally and figuratively, and looks delicious enough to turn cake haters (if there even is such a person) into cake lovers – even if it costs $250.

Want to know the final verdict? Check out the video!

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