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The first three letters of diet are DIE and that's exactly what it feels like! Rabbit food and no chocolate? what kind of life is that? But, we all try to be healthy and it's the thought that counts right? The key to living a healthy life is to get a good balance, which means steamed veggies on Tuesdays and Chinese on Wednesdays in your sweats.

Getting yourself motivated to start on the health journey isn't difficult considering the amount of mouth-watering videos and pictures out there that will make you want to put on your Jamie Oliver apron. But, food prep isn't so easy, there are days when we are in such a rush that cooking healthy food just isn't realistic so, what do we do, we tend to grab the closest ready-made thing.

Then comes the cheat day and, boy, does junk food taste a whole lot better when you are only allowed to eat it once a week – but maybe a little too good...
One cheat day becomes two and we always say "I'll just start tomorrow" and then someone has a birthday so of course there is cake in the kitchen.

Power to those who have enough willpower to stick to it because there is temptation EVERYWHERE!

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