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If you're fussy about the way food looks on your plate or if you are someone who is fussy about the texture of their food, stay away from this chef! He is all about making the inedible absolutely delicious, from dirty ashtrays to sponges and dishwashing liquid (yes, it's quite literally what we said). His name is Ben Churchill and he calls himself "The Food Illusionist", thriving on making deliciously off-putting desserts.

Churchill focuses on disguising desserts as other food in the UK, tricking people's brains into thinking they are biting into a nice pizza but their tastebuds say something different when the decadent sweetness of chocolate cake fills their mouth. The crazy part is that Churchill had no experience in making deserts in 2015 when he started but, only 18 months later, he became a viral star. He works as a chef in a private Hertfordshire restaurant, making these crazy deserts in his spare time.

His first creation was a lemon dessert made out of chocolate, filled with lemon ganache and, although he says it was very basic, it was enough to get him hooked – but he's not the only one who has a passion for weird food. The Great British Bake Off's competing chefs created cakes gross enough to put you off your food but curious enough to try it anyway... because who doesn't want to try a bleeding human heart made out of red velvet cake?

Are you brave enough to dig in? 

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